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Santa Barbara

Stories about our treasure past…

Erin has written over one hundred books, monographs, articles and features for nearly twenty different regional publication on Santa Barbara history – its fascinating people, its novel business enterprises and inventions, and its treasured landmarks and traditions.


The Santa Barbara Airport Part I

Santa Barbara Youth Theatre

How Old Spanish Days Fiesta Began

Bonnie Langley & Her Youth Band

The Seasons of Santa Barbara


Chapters from the upcoming book:

Last Ship from Saigon

This is the biography of a remarkable woman who engineered a breathtaking trategy to excape from Vietnam, taking another 136 people with her to safety. The book provides the most thorough docmentation and portrait of day-to-day life for the average citizen under communism following the fall of Saigon.

An Overview of Vietnam’s History

How the Communists Cashed Out the Country: Banking, Currency & Conversion

Engagement and Marriage